Back-to-school: What you need to know about bullying

Did you know that 66 percent of school-aged children are teased?Bullying has become a real problem – not just in schools, but in communities too. Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor of, sat down with Dr. Lori Evans, a psychologist from New York University Medical Center, and Lis Wiehl, a Fox News analyst and attorney, to discuss the issues involved with bullying.

Evans said bullying can start at very young ages – even kids in kindergarten are bullying.”It’s a club – but you can’t be a part of it,” she said, as way of an example.”If I tease you, and you tease me back, then we’re equal – and that’s not bullying. But if someone has status, power or clout – then you’ve reached the realm of bullying.”Wiehl said bullying resembles the legal definition of harassment, where there has to be a difference in equality and power.She explained how several years ago, her son came home from school and was not acting like himself.When prompted, Wiehl’s son explained he had been …

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