Japan Looks to Address Bullying, Suicides at Schools

A growing number of suicides by students in Japan and inadequate attempts by schools to address the issue have prompted the drafting of new legislation to help teachers spot and prevent bullying in schools.

The education ministry is also considering setting up permanent investigation teams throughout the nation to look into suicide cases involving school children. A common theme in the legislation and ministry committee debates is the need for more independent experts apart from the school to be involved in identifying the causes of bullying and suicides and measures needed to prevent them.

The issue has drawn renewed national attention following a 2011 case in the western city of Otsu in which a 13-year-old boy killed himself after being repeatedly bullied by three classmates. The Otsu Board of Education was criticized for turning a blind eye to the boy’s plight and conducting a careless investigation after the fact. For months the board even denied that bullying was linked to the boy’s death. In February, Otsu city officials formally admitted that bullying contributed to the suicide, according to local media reports.

Suicides among students up to high school age increased by nearly 30% in 2011 from the previous year, according to the latest data available from the education ministry.

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Paris Jackson’s Alleged Suicide Attempt: Teen Felt “Bullied” at School

More details are slowly coming to light about Paris Jackson‘s cry for help after she was hospitalized Wednesday morning following an alleged suicide attempt.

A source exclusively tells E! News that Michael Jackson‘s 15-year-old daughter reportedly revealed recently that’s she’s been the target of bullies at school, and that the teenager has been feeling “like an outsider” as she struggled to fit in.

“She has been complaining recently about feeling bullied at school,” the insider says. “She does not have very many true friends there, and she doesn’t feel like she really fits in there.”

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Bullying at Bronx all-girls Women’s Academy of Excellence forced 15-year-old to skip two months

Bulies at a Bronx all-girls public high school so viciously terrorized a 15-year-old sophomore that she has skipped two months of classes, the Daily News has learned.

The teens also used social media to bully the sophomore at Women’s Academy of Excellence.

“Im forever gonna jack BALD HEADED B——!” one of her tormentors posted, referring to the girl’s partially shaved head.

“I’m saying though! B—— that run they mouth can get put out #simple,” another missive read.

The abuse began in November, with two beatings in the cafeteria of the school, which earned a C grade, though with an F for school environment. Cops were called to the second incident — but did not file a report.


This anonymous 15 year old sophomore at Women’s Academy of Excellence has been out of school for 2 months because of repeated physical and Facebook based bullying. Her Mother has applied for a transfer bt they received one to the failing Dewitt Clinton High School. Photographed , March 22nd, 2013. For Corinne Letsch story. (Craig Warga / NY Daily News)

“I felt like the whole school started to turn on me,” the soft-spoken victim told the Daily News. “I was really by myself.”

The bullies kept up their vitriolic behavior on Facebook during that time, calling her a “tall doofy-headed b—-” and an “ugly b—-.”

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Our view: Bullying must be bashed

It happened. Again. A New York City girl was found hanged to death last week by her family in her home. Beside her was a suicide note that mentioned being bullied online. The girl attended Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School 109 in Queens Village. She was 12 years old

We shake our heads, but we need to do more. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or coach sports teams, direct musical groups, teach Sunday School or have any other kind of personal contact with young people, please, talk to them about this very serious issue. Don’t wait. Do it today. Now.

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Tragic Child Suicide In New York Linked To Bullying

Authorities have confirmed the tragic suicide death of a Queens, New York 12-year-old was due to the relentless bullying she was subjected to for several months beforehand from classmates.

According to Gabrielle Molina’s suicide note and accounts from her sister, 15-year-old Georgia, the seventh-grader took her own life because of persistent cyber-bullying, slut-shaming, and name calling from her middle school peers. It had just become too much.

Reports indicate it was Georgia who discovered her sister Gabrielle after she’d hanged herself inside her bedroom. Georgia had been sworn to secrecy, told not to reveal the abuse to their parents, though they knew Gabrielle was having some trouble at school.

The girl was often taunted by classmates over her appearance – victimized both face-to-face and online. Fellow students at Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School 109 in Queens who sent the upsetting messages are currently under investigation as officers removed computers from the Molina home in order to have them analyzed. Several students have been questioned since the incident, but no charges have been imposed.

Associates of Gabrielle said she’d got into a fistfight with another girl that was videotaped and posted on YouTube; she had a history of cutting herself and had recently broken up with a boyfriend – providing the bullies with fodder.
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Prosecutor May Probe Facebook Over Girl Who Killed Herself After Online Bullying

An Italian prosecutor has launched an investigation into how Facebook allowed the publication of insults and bullying posts aimed at a teenager, who later leapt to her death from her third floor bedroom window.

Carolina Picchio, 14, from Novara in northern Italy, committed suicide in January after a gang of boys circulated video on Facebook of her appearing drunk and disheveled in the bathroom at a party.

The group, aged between 15 and 17, were said to be friends of Miss Picchio’s ex-boyfriend. He had allegedly insulted her on Facebook when she left him days earlier, although he claims to have later apologized.

“Isn’t what you have done to me enough? You have made me pay too many times,” Miss Picchio wrote in a note to the boy which was found in her room by investigators.

Before taking her life, she wrote on Facebook: “Forgive me if I am not strong. I cannot take it any longer.”

The Italian Parent’s Association has already filed a criminal complaint in Rome directly against Facebook for allegedly having a role in the instigation of Miss Picchio’s suicide.

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