Bullying at Bronx all-girls Women’s Academy of Excellence forced 15-year-old to skip two months

Bulies at a Bronx all-girls public high school so viciously terrorized a 15-year-old sophomore that she has skipped two months of classes, the Daily News has learned.

The teens also used social media to bully the sophomore at Women’s Academy of Excellence.

“Im forever gonna jack BALD HEADED B——!” one of her tormentors posted, referring to the girl’s partially shaved head.

“I’m saying though! B—— that run they mouth can get put out #simple,” another missive read.

The abuse began in November, with two beatings in the cafeteria of the school, which earned a C grade, though with an F for school environment. Cops were called to the second incident — but did not file a report.


This anonymous 15 year old sophomore at Women’s Academy of Excellence has been out of school for 2 months because of repeated physical and Facebook based bullying. Her Mother has applied for a transfer bt they received one to the failing Dewitt Clinton High School. Photographed , March 22nd, 2013. For Corinne Letsch story. (Craig Warga / NY Daily News)

“I felt like the whole school started to turn on me,” the soft-spoken victim told the Daily News. “I was really by myself.”

The bullies kept up their vitriolic behavior on Facebook during that time, calling her a “tall doofy-headed b—-” and an “ugly b—-.”

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