Audrie Pott: California Girl Who Committed Suicide After Gang Rape, Online Bullying May Get Justice

Audrie Pott committed suicide in September after pictures of her alleged gang rape spread throughout her high school, but it now appears her family may see justice.

Police have arrested three teenage boys in connection to what police say was sexual assault of the 15-year-old California high school student. The attackers allegedly took pictures during the assault, later publishing them online and spreading them around school.

“Based on what we know, she was unconscious, there were multiple boys in the room with her,” said Robert Allard, an attorney representing the family of Audrie Potts. “They did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious.”

The situation only got worse for Audrie Potts. As the pictures of her rape spread throughout the school, the 15-year-old was left devastated.

“The whole school knows…. My life is ruined,” she wrote on Facebook.

Audrie Potts committed suicide on September 10, 2012, eight days after the gang rape allegedly took place. Her parents said they knew noting about the rape or pictures being spread throughout her school until after Audrie was already dead.

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