Bullying victim wants to stop the violence











NILES, Mich. — Some victims of bullying lash out in acts of violence. Some take their own life. Some, like Caleb Alkire, speak out about what has happened to him in hopes of getting his message to other victims.

Caleb Alkire is a just a normal twelve-year-old boy. He’s got a strong arm and a solid basketball shot.

He’s also a victim of bullying.

“One incident where my head got slammed into the window of the bus, and sometimes everyday people will trip me. Another incident where they kept on kicking me,” said Caleb.

Photos from his mother’s cell phone show the physical toll it has taken.

She’s more worried about the emotional one.

“You have either the suicide or you have he’s going to strike out in violence. He’s going to blow. He’s going to have enough. He’s going to snap and I refuse to have my child even close to either one of those things,” said Kassie Alkire, Caleb’s mom.

She and her husband are actively involved in helping Caleb cope.

He attends Oak Manor Sixth Grade Center, a school of 250 kids, all trying to find friends and hold their own in the hallways.

“I feel like I’m the only one getting bullied in my hallway,” said Caleb.

Principal Molly Brawley wants Caleb to know he’s not the only one.

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