Diddy and WWE Team Up to Stop Bullying


It appears showmanship isn’t the only thing the WWE and Sean “Diddy” Combs have in common as the two have teamed up to put the smack-down on bullying in a new public service announcement.

The PSA, which originally aired during last night’s Monday Night Raw, features Diddy (wearing a shirt with the famous Notorious B.I.G. phrase “Invisible Bully” speaking out against physical, as well as cyber, bullying. The campaign is titled “Be a STAR (#BEASTAR), and it focuses on standing up for yourself, but also helping others that struggle with this growing problem.

“Bullying takes on many shapes and forms. And in this digital age sometimes it just doesn’t stop when the days end. No matter the form or the location, it’s gotta stop,” emphasizes Diddy in the PSA. He also implores, “If it’s not you being bullied, help someone who is.”

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