Kaukauna Bullying Incident Resolved


KAUKAUNA,WI- A bullying incident in Kaukauna that went viral has been resolved. School administrators have determined what happened to Matt Bent’s son was in fact bullying. This after he posted a photo with his son on Facebook calling for action.

After a long investigation, the Kaukauna School District says Matt Bent was right. His son was bullied at school.

“I’m glad that the school finally stepped up and said yep, there is something going on here,” says Bent.

Bent’s picture on Facebook has now gotten more than 464-thousand shares.  In response Kaukauna schools say they want to improve communication and trust between school and home. Superintendent Mark Duerwaechter released a statement saying “we will continue to use this incident as an example from which we can learn.”

“How do we solve this problem? How do we come together as a community, every community, and work together to solve this,”  says Bent.

“Nowadays, kids are so hateful,” syas Angel Bazinette of Little Chute.

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