Grafton High employees say they tried to stop bullying!

The Bully Project

Stand for the Silent (Facebook)

 Did Grafton High School administrators do enough to stop the bullying of a student who committed suicide?

That was the focus of testimony Wednesday in York-Poquoson Circuit Court where a jury continued to listen to evidence in a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit that alleges four Grafton High employees failed to stop the bullying of student Christian Taylor, who committed suicide May 31, 2010.

Taylor’s mother, Alise Williams, filed the lawsuit in July 2010. The lawsuit names former Grafton High Principal Paul Hopkins, former Assistant Principal Craig Reed, current Assistant Principal Karen Fahringer and current Guidance Counselor Joseph Erfe as defendants.

Two students and friends of Taylor testified that on the day of his death, Taylor didn’t display any obvious signs of emotional distress and didn’t tell anyone that he was feeling suicidal.

Kendra Lowder testified that she and another friend found Taylor hanging in his bedroom closet with a dog leash around his neck. Taylor didn’t leave a note.

Lowder said Taylor became depressed after enduring bullying at school. Even after school administrators moved the group of alleged bullies to another table in the cafeteria, Lowder said the group would still walk by Taylor and make mean comments.

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“For the Silent”


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